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By Flore (Phul), Volunteer, Netherlands

Tigers of Nepal

I’ve been here for one month now and it’s been wonderful. It’s so nice that there is enough time to spend a whole week on the same subject. We spent seven English Conversation Classes talking about the world. What is the difference between a country and a continent? Where do I live? What do we know about North & South America? Which countries are in Europe? We talked about the tango from Spain, Mexican food, polar bears in Alaska, the Eiffel tower in France and snorkeling around the Maldives. For the younger children it was a bit difficult. The last class I was very happy and proud because they remembered a lot. Even Venezuela, Suriname and Cambodia, all hard to pronounce.

And last week we drew. Every day between 8.00 am and 9.00 am the girls’ room was filled with pages, pencils, colours, lovely & concentrated children, and many ideas. After one week of daily drawing lessons we have drawings of dragons, names, people, fantasy fishes, jungles, princesses and each other. I’m glad that the apples are now also purple instead of only green and red. And that they all make something totally different. Not eight of the same dragons anymore! In other words, I’m sure that they are a little bit more creative now. Really important, isn’t it? If they don’t forget this thing ‘creative’, it will help them forever. Hopefully one day they will understand that copying is not good. Be different! In short: I’m having a great time here. And I’m enjoying to teach them more and more!


Goodbyes Are Hard

Latest Testimonial

mijke and the children“I stayed for 3 weeks in the orphanage in Panauti. I had a wonderfull time with Himal and the children. We played lots of games and played drama. The children were really good at it and we laughed a lot when they played their part. The longer I stayed the more the children opened up, I felt really sad that I had to leave at that moment. During my stay I learned a lot from the children probably without them knowing it……. If I had the chance to come back, I would, but for a longer period of time!!”
-Mijke Lub, Holland

Christmas in Nepal

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